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Beatrix Percival Illustrated Edition

Beatrix Percival

I L L U S T R A T E D  E D I T I O N

The illustrated edition of Beatrix Percival is here!  Featuring a glossy finish, this hardcover version of the series features ai generated art and digitally manipulated imagery, resulting in a captivating, enthralling representation of this magical adventure!

Racing through the woods on a moonlit night, Beatrix makes a discovery that will change her life forever. Follow Beatrix as she plummets further into unknown worlds full of strange beings, mystical creatures, & magic!

Sneaking into a dark castle, entering a sinister forest, crossing a vast eerie sea on a haunted ship - none of these were things Beatrix ever saw in her future. Her life had always been so incredibly ordinary. But it's hard to live an ordinary life when you discover you're a witch.

Leaves Shadows
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This audio series explores the complex emotions surrounding the topic of being gay, touching on religious beliefs, dating life, coming out, life as a gay couple, and more. Emotion filled & thought provoking, it is a real-life gay love story. Written & read by Christopher Hiedeman.

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It's Here!

The Little Book with a Big Voice

S E C O N D   E D I T I O N

The Little Book with A Big Voice just got even bigger!  This special second edition includes all the original short stories of the first book with the addition of nine new stories!  While the original stories touched on life topics like empathy, aging, depression, success, and love – the new stories explore other emotional territories and dive into new topics like loneliness, appreciation, forgiveness, relationships, and bullying.  Full of emotion and feeling, this little book is sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart.  A great gift for family and friends full of heartwarming stories that you never knew you needed.





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Grunge Wood
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"I believe in design that is timeless. Inspired by character, my designs make use of TRUE VINTAGE items full of nostalgia & intriguing details."

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