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Curvy Tree Road

Beatrix Percival

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T H E   C O M P L E T E   S E R I E S

Racing through the woods on a moonlit night, Beatrix makes a discovery that will change her life forever.


Follow Beatrix as she plummets further into unknown worlds full of strange beings, mystical creatures, & magic!

Sneaking into a dark castle, entering a sinister forest, crossing a vast eerie sea on a haunted ship - none of these were things Beatrix ever saw in her future. Her life had always been so incredibly ordinary. But it's hard to live an ordinary life when you discover you're a witch.


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B O O K   T R A I L E R

S T O R Y   E X T R A  # 1

S T O R Y   E X T R A  # 2

"Wow I am getting shivers from this story"


"Phenomenal to read"

"A combination of Rowling and Neil Gaiman. This is a quick read. But it gives excellent world building. A fantastical story about Beatrix, a girl who does not realize she is a powerful witch. This a story that could have been written by Neil Gaiman. Recommended for middle school readers and up who like fantasy stories"

"Very good and scary"


"This was total brilliance"


O R I G I N A L   B O O K   S O U N D T R A C K

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The Little Book with a Big Voice

S E C O N D   E D I T I O N

The Little Book with A Big Voice just got even bigger!  This special second edition includes all the original short stories of the first book with the addition of nine new stories!  While the original stories touched on life topics like empathy, aging, depression, success, and love – the new stories explore other emotional territories and dive into new topics like loneliness, appreciation, forgiveness, relationships, and bullying.  Full of emotion and feeling, this little book is sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart.  A great gift for family and friends full of heartwarming stories that you never knew you needed.


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B O O K   T R A I L E R

"An absolutely stunning and moving collection of short stories. It may be a quick read to you but it will leave an impression on your heart. Beautiful little stories that moved me to tears, made me happy to the point of elation and also made me sad. The characters were very well written and stories were exceptional. An absolute bargain for a work of art."


Autumn Leaves

Signed Collector's Edition

Beatrix Percival

H A L L O W E E N   E D I T I O N

The special Halloween Edition of Beatrix Percival is here!  Featuring a matte finish, this hardcover version of the series not only has a "Halloweenified" cover redesign, but also has a few Halloween extras snuck into the storyline!


- Exclusively only available here, each copy will be signed! 

Racing through the woods on a moonlit night, Beatrix makes a discovery that will change her life forever.  Follow Beatrix as she plummets further into unknown worlds full of strange beings, mystical creatures, & magic!


A   N E W   K I N D   O F   G H O S T   S T O R Y

One fateful night, a couple's life is changed forever, leaving the question: is death really the end?

Dark, romantic, and a little bit scary  "Thomas" is a new kind of ghost story! 


Fall in love with this heart-wrenching tale that explores the emotions of loss, & the possibility of the love we lost coming back.  Full of emotion & mystery, Thomas is sure to keep you guessing till the very last page!


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B O O K   T R A I L E R

"Amazing writing with imagination"

"Creative fiction!"

"Thanks for this good drama"

"Wonderful! But it's so short, right? Want more!"

"Amazing story"

"Beautiful writing, I love the flow of the story"

"Had a lot of fun reading this!"

Helga The Witch

Helga is taught that witches are supposed to be scary, but Helga does not want to be scary. As her sisters set out into the night on Halloween to scare people, Helga has her own plan. Helga learns new lessons in life and learns that sometimes there is a difference between doing "good" and joining in with the crowd. Join Helga the witch on her adventure in this instant Halloween classic.


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"I am so excited to have found this book! The story has a great moral to it. The illustrations are very colorful and unique. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a great Halloween story to read to their kids!"


Earth & Ocean Coloring Book

Relax and enjoy hours of coloring fun! This deluxe version of Christopher Hiedeman's coloring books combines the "Nautical" and "Nature" coloring books and also includes 8 new designs! Featuring 22 intricate whimsical, hand drawn illustrations that showcase floral, nautical, and other nature designs! From birds and snails, to shells and whales; you are sure to find a favorite!


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"Hiedeman is stepping up his game with this coloring book. A new book packed with 22 images depicting earth and ocean designs ranging from florals, insects and feathers, to sealife, anchors and mandalas. The drawing style is very unique and has a touch of the 'tangle' to it. Whimsical and always fascinating. The images range from squint-your-eyes-very-detailed to just right. All the images end before the spine so if you want to remove a picture to hang or frame you can do so without losing some of the print. Images are on one side of the page only.

The paper is medium weight. I used markers for the example below and had some bleed-through, which is to be expected with markers. Just use a sheet of paper behind when coloring. Colored pencils will glide onto the page.
If you enjoy nautical images, but also want some variety and want to color some pretty florals as well, this is a great buy to satisfy both those desires."