Christopher Hiedeman started on his creative path at a young age. Drawing and painting became his passions as well as interior design. In the fall of 2009 he began schooling for Interior Design. Because of the importance of family to him, he decided to go to school part-time so he could continue to spend time with his family and build upon his passions of interior design, holiday decorating, and art. Today, Christopher enjoys decorating for the holidays more than ever and is working hard to come up with new ideas as well as continuing his beloved traditions.

2008 was the first of Christopher's annual Halloween parties. Each year he creates new displays with new themes, and creates his own Halloween props. During the summer of 2014, he decided to use the photography of his party decor to create a book containing decorating ideas. The Halloween Decorating eBook was first available in digital format on Etsy in August of 2014 and later self-published and available as hard copy on Amazon in late September. Creating this book expanded his interest in graphic design and photography/photo editing leading to the creation of his second Halloween Decorating Idea Book which became available August 7th, 2015. The new book had a completely different format consisting of over 130 pages and over 50 new Halloween ideas with step by step instructions as well as material lists! A Crafts & Decorating Book containing decorating tips and ideas as well as diy crafts and projects for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and other special occasions is also in the works!





In August of 2015 Christopher started working on his third decorating book "The Halloween Decorating Idea Book 3". This book is the first book in the series to only be available as hard copy. As with the previous books, you can expect an entirely different format to the new book. It consists of approximately the same number of ideas as the second book, but has a clean, condensed format consisting of fewer pages. You can expect a plethora of new projects and ideas as well as a new Halloween costume/make up section showcasing looks for both men's & women's Halloween costumes featuring models: Jess Ward, Mimi Iyorbo, Jeff Hiedeman, and himself. The third book not only has many DIY halloween crafts, but also has decorating ideas for store bought decorations and thriftstore finds!

In early 2016 Christopher started working on sketches for his first adult coloring book the "Decorative Eggs Coloring Book" which was published in February.  This led to the creation of 3 more coloring books: a nautical coloring book, a nature themed coloring book, and a coloring book featuring designs that are a  "visual expression" of Helga the Witch.  The Nautical and Nature coloring books were later combined to create the "Earth & Ocean" coloring book. 8 new illustrations were added to this new coloring book as well.

In mid February, a new Facebook group "CH Exclusive" was created.  CH exclusive is a group where members can see sneak peeks of posts and products created by Christopher Hiedeman that are not yet available for purchase or public view. In the group members can give advice on new products and take part in special promotions and contests.  Because the group is exclusive, the member cap was initially set at 15 then raised to 25. More member places may be added in the future.


April 24th marked the creation of "Terence The Spider", a line of comic images showing the character in humorous situations.  You can find Terence on Facebook (facebook.com/terencethespider), Instagram (@terencethespider). A book titled "Hello, this is Terence." was published in late October 2016.

The Halloween Decorating Idea Book 3 was released late July 2016, followed by a new book series "Beatrix Percival."  The first book in the series was published late August.  The series centers around the character Beatrix, and follows her on her journey through a magical world.  The second book in this paranormal fantasy series titled "Beatrix Percival Retribution" was released March 13th, 2017.  The kindle edition was released April 1st, 2017.

A deluxe edition of the first book in the Beatrix Percival series was released early 2017.  This new book has a larger format (8.5 X 11), and features digitally manipulated photography artwork to illustrate the story-line.

April 2nd (2017) held the release of a new section of short stories and inspirational writing on Christopherhiedeman.com.  "20 More Years" and "The Richest" were the first two short stories to be added under the "Stories" tab. "20 More Years" is a story about a
 young woman who mysteriously ages 20 years over night. Through the course of this short story, she goes through life learning from the consequences of her choices in the past.  More stories are planned to be added to this section as they are written.  The stories tab has since been removed from the site and the stories are now available in book form under the bookstore tab.

The third and final book in the Beatrix Percival series was released August 2017 giving Beatrix Percival fans answers to many questions, many conclusions, and explosive battles of epic proportions!  Eerie beyond belief, and romantically passionate like never before, the third book in the series is a satisfying finale for the series!

A book containing all three parts of the Beatrix Percival series was  released on September 27th, 2017.  This new book features a new cover designed by Ampersand Book Covers, and has a special section at the end of the book explaining how the story was created and how it first premiered on Steemit.com!


Also on September 27th, 2017 "The Little Book with a Big Voice" was released on Amazon.com.  This new book holds a collection of eight sentimental short stories. This book is another "first" for Christopher Hiedeman, featuring a completely different feel of writing from the supernatural/paranormal series.  The stories speak on a variety of topics including aging, depression, giving/taking, empathy, being yourself, and love.

Christopher talks a little about this new book saying:

I am excited to finally release my latest book, “The Little Book with a Big Voice!”  In life, in every situation, I weigh the different outcomes of my decisions with “what if.” I want to live a life with the least regrets possible, so, I always put my family first. I take time to enjoy my life and look for the beauty in every day – even if at times the world has felt a little dark.  I embrace the parts of me that make me stand out from the crowd, and have learned to love myself just the way that I am.  I have learned that there is a greater joy in giving to others than taking for oneself. I choose to live life with empathy to fully understand the emotions of others.  I have poured a lot of emotions and feeling into the eight short stories that fill the pages of this new little book of mine, and I hope that my little stories inspire others to live their lives to their fullest - taking nothing for granted!"

Another book that was released late 2017 is a paranormal romance story that premiered first on Steemit called "InBetween, True Love Never Ends"  The series consisted of 17 chapters, with one chapter posted each week.  The story features a unique, fresh style of writing from the perspective of the main character whose gender/physical appearance is never revealed through the entire story -  commenting on how physical appearance/gender have minimal importance in a love story.  Romantic, dramatic, exciting, and a little bit scary, InBetween is a thrilling read!  Part 2 of the InBetween story will be combined with the first part as a new book that will be released under its new title "Thomas."  The new book is named after one of the main characters in the story.  Thomas is planned to be released soon!

In anticipation of the Thomas book release, Christopher Hiedeman composed a soundtrack featuring 13 tracks to go with the story.  Featuring instrumental music, the soundtrack portrays the emotions of various moments in the story line.  The Thomas Book Soundtrack was released on March 1st as digital download only - available on ChristopherHiedeman.com/music.  This is the first music album to be released by Christopher. Future music releases are possible, adding another creative genre to ChristopherHiedeman.com!  The Thomas book was released shortly after the soundtrack.


The early winter months of 2018 led to the release of The Little Book with a Big Voice (Second Edition).  This new version of the book contains all the beloved stories of the first book with the addition of more stories - doubling the size of the book!

The "
Christopher Hiedeman" YouTube channel released 25 new Christmas decorating videos, skyrocketing its subscriber count from 11,000 to nearly 30,000!  The "Wave Ribbon Christmas Tree" video also reached 1 million views! Late December also held the announcement and beginning of a new channel "Christopher Hiedeman Vlogs" which is promised to feature more "down to earth" & "day to day" content to give you a glimpse into Christopher's process and everyday life.


The Bookstore on ChristopherHiedeman.com got an update to now include video book trailers, including a new 2019 Beatrix Percival trailer & a few "Story Extras" - small glimpses into the curious magical world. The Beatrix Percival Series book was re-released showcasing a new cover and a few changes to the story itself. Three new tracks were also released as musical illustrations to the story, composed by Christopher. They can be found in the Beatrix Percival section of the bookstore. The Christopher Hiedeman Social media sites and YouTube channels had seen a lull during the summer with fewer posts & videos, leading to the exciting announcement of his move to a 120 year old historic home.  This prompted a new series of videos called Dream Home Adventures on the "Christopher Hiedeman" YouTube channel. The series is new, featuring only one video so far - but more is to come!

An audio video featuring Christopher reading aloud a Christmas story from his book The Little Book With A Big Voice was released in December, being the first video of its type on the channel.


From September - December (2019) the Christopher Hiedeman YouTube channel reached multiple landmarks, the first of which was the channel's second video to reach one million views! The channel also saw a 21.4 thousand subscriber increase bringing the channel from 34.1 thousand to 55.5 thousand in just a few months. The Christmas Home Tour (2019) video reached 80 thousand views in its first eight days - almost triple the views the 2018 tour video received in its first year.

A new version of the "stories" section is coming back to ChristopherHiedeman.com! The section was removed after the release of The Little Book With a Big Voice (1st Edition) to not hinder sales of the new book which was comprised of the short stories that were available to read under the stories section.  The section is making a comeback in a big way - rebranding itself as Christopher Hiedeman Quill (CH Quill). CH Quill will be membership based, allowing those who subscribe access to all the reading content it has to offer. The new section is planned to house most of Christopher Hiedeman's writing content including every short story found in The Little Book With A Big Voice as well as new, unpublished short stories.  It will also include two completed series including Beatrix Percival  and Thomas. Another series in the making will be able to be previewed as it is written titled: With Feeling. New categories of reading are also being added including "Inspirational/Motivational" writing pieces and "Design & Home."  Members will also gain access to CH Magazine, a brand new online seasonal home & decorating publication.  Special Holiday sections may pop up throughout the year as well. It will be a growing library of reading content. CH Quill made its official debut on ChristopherHiedeman.com on February 4th, 2020.

ChristopherHiedeman.com is receiving an updated look and is introducing new content! The addition of CH Quill created the necessity for the site to redesign its mobile view to allow a sleek design & easy to read text for the reading section release.

 I am excited to start sharing new projects and ideas with you all soon!

Keep checking back to stay up to date with the latest news!







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