Since a young age, Christopher Hiedeman enjoyed drawing, painting, gardening, & other creative hobbies. Helping his family decorate for the holidays sparked his passion for design, and in the fall of 2009 he enrolled for his very first semester of Interior Design classes. He decided to go to school part-time so he could continue spending lots of time with his family and expand on his passions for interior design, holiday decorating, and art. After a few years, he was excited to get a degree in Interior Design & start his creative journey!

2008 marked the first of many Halloween parties held at Christopher & Tim’s home.  Each year, he enjoyed choosing new spooky décor themes & creating many of his own decorations.  In 2014, Christopher decided to compile many of his Halloween ideas & photographs into his very first book: “The Halloween Decorating Idea Book” which was self-published in September of that year.  The excitement from the first book led to the creation of “The Halloween Decorating Idea Book 2” (published August 7th, 2015), and next “The Halloween Decorating Idea Book 3” (published July 26th, 2016). 

Along the way, Christopher also created coloring books, a Halloween children’s book (Helga The Witch), and a comic book featuring the character “Terence The Spider”. After joining a website where users could earn money from votes on creative content, he found himself trying out a new passion – writing!  This new adventure led to the creation of “Beatrix Percival” (a three part book series about a witch), Thomas (a romantic ghost story), and “The Little Book With A Big Voice” (a collection of heartwarming short stories) – all released first on the website, then later self-published.  Many of Christopher’s books can be found under the Bookstore tab of this site, on Amazon.com, and on CH Quill (an online library containing many of Christopher’s writing pieces).

In 2015, the Christopher Hiedeman YouTube Channel was created. It wasn’t until the late fall of 2017 that the channel started gaining momentum. The release of the “Wave Ribbon Christmas Tree Video” was the true beginning of the channel, being the first video recorded in HD with a full lighting set up.  With a stroke of luck, the video caught the attention of a group on Facebook, and the views & subscribers began to climb.  Today, the wave ribbon tree video holds the most views on his channel with 1.7 M views.  If you’ve watched any of Christopher’s videos, you may have heard his pet canary “Peep” singing in the background of the videos!  Peep made his debut on Christopher’s channel in the 2019 Christmas Home Tour video.

2020 marked a new exciting era for the Christopher Hiedeman YouTube channel. In the past, the channel was mostly only active in the fall & winter. But 2020 sparked the creation of many new videos – including some vlog style videos, more home and garden tours, and “Christopher Hiedeman’s Wonderful World”, a series of personal videos highlighting something special to him, including the story of how he met his birthmother for the first time. The videography, graphics, music, and ideas themselves saw noticeable change from past years videos with flashier intros, dramatic music, theatrical filming, more out-of-the-box creations, and more screen time for Christopher Hiedeman – all recorded in a 120 year old historic house!



Thank you for stopping by my site!  Feel free to browse around!  I organized the decorating idea image galleries by season in the tabs above.  Many of the galleries on my site are full of projects that link to videos on YouTube, so if you see something interesting, you’re welcome to watch the videos!

Happy decorating!

- Christopher