“Where is Tom?” I asked in a worried tone.

Nadine’s smile slowly faded. She looked down and started fidgeting with her bracelet.  The room went completely silent. Nadine looked up at me with eyes full of tears ready to pour down her face. She said nothing but instead gave me a comforting smile.  I couldn’t breathe.  And just like a thunderstorm moving in, the sprinkle of tears that slowly fell down my face, gave way to a downpour.  I screamed and screamed until my voice gave out.    It was one of those “storms” I wasn’t sure if it would ever end.  I felt like it was the end of my life – the end of our story - but really, it was just the beginning. 

Dark, romantic, and a little bit scary  "Thomas" is a new kind of ghost story!

One fateful night, a couple's life is changed forever, leaving the question: is death really the end?

Written in a new intriguing way, the main character of this story is never revealed, commenting on the unimportance of appearance and gender in a 
love story.


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"Amazing writing with imagination"

"Creative fiction!"

"Thanks for this good drama"

"Wonderful! But it's so short, right? Want more!"

"Amazing story"

"Beautiful writing, I love the flow of the story"

"Had a lot of fun reading this!"

T H E   T H O M A S   B O O K   S O U N D T R A C K

Each track is based off of various moments in the story highlighting the beauty, sadness, excitement, & even scary aspects!  From upbeat medleys to eerie strings, the Thomas Book Soundtrack is a thrilling adventure full of emotion for all "Thomas" book fans!

Composed by: Christopher Hiedeman

T H E   B E A T R I X   P E R C I V A L   B O O K   S O U N D T R A C K

Composed by Christopher Hiedeman, this soundtrack is full of magic and mystery - just like the book series!  A perfect expression of this paranormal romance!