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In this small piece of writing we will talk about selfishness, and explore the power of empathy and its impact on the world.  

Having empathy seems like a lost trait in much of today’s society. Today, many people are more concerned with selfish agendas and judging others for surface reasons. I think it is important as fellow human beings to have empathy. To care about, and have compassion for all people. To not judge others - especially before we judge ourselves. You cannot know someone else’s struggles, or the circumstances that led them to where, or how they are. Being empathetic is mentally putting yourself in their shoes, and working to reach an understanding of their circumstances.

It is a sad sight to see people laugh at, and judge someone less fortunate then themselves. The poor person on the street did nothing to deserve the negative attention. If they made a mistake in life to lead them to where they are, we can only be thankful that mistakes we have made had not led us down the same path. Maybe they were in financial trouble, and they didn’t have the mother, uncle, or grandparent to bail them out that you did. Instead of judging them, remember that you do not know the circumstances that got them there, and hope for them to have better days ahead.

We live in an “it’s all about me, and only me” world today. This turns us into selfish, self-centered people, that do not have empathy for others – only caring for ourselves. I believe society has a lot to benefit from having empathy. A world without empathy would mean no caring for others. This means if you were put in unfortunate circumstances, there would be no one to help you; no one to care for you. Everyone needs help sometimes. We should be neighborly to each other and offer a helping hand if needed.

I think having empathy is part of being a happy human. By putting yourself in other people’s shoes, you create a bond with them. You learn about them, and form a caring attitude towards them. Opening your eyes to others circumstances before passing judgment allows you to not only see their lives, but allows you to see an accurate picture of your own life, and become thankful for what you have.