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I love you my dear,

I dream of you each day, hoping we get paired together again soon. Together, we are unstoppable. When I first met you, I saw you gleaming from across the room. I was so happy to be on the same team as you – working together to complete our goal. We have been through so much together, including quite a few hurricanes! Though we lie on other sides of the divide, I love you more than you know, and look forward to being paired with you again.

Love always,

Fork, to you, Spoon

Hello darling,

My dearest, you complete me. Without you I would dry up and wither away. You keep me going. You shelter me from the world – but let me go when others need me. Though others use me, you are always there to hug me after. We are the perfect fit for each other, and I could not imagine life without you. I hope I never lose you, and that you always come back to me.


Pen, to you, Cap

My love,

I sit across from you each day. You are so entertaining and worldly. You are funny. You are beautiful. You show me places I never dreamed of seeing, and I thank you for everything you share with me. During that thunderstorm you abruptly went silent, I was scared I lost you. But when the world lit up again, so did you! You give my life purpose, and I will cherish each second we spend together always.

Love: Sofa, to you, TV

It's Not What  You Think

 Unexpected Love Stories

Genre: Fiction/Romance

These short love letters explore the possible love between two objects.