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When I was younger, I never appreciated the noise. All the noise actually annoyed me, so I tried my best to get away from it as often as I could. Life had such a deafening sound – people talking to me constantly, needing me for this, that, and the other things. I grew tired of it and just wanted to run away from it all. I was sick of the scheduled get togethers. I was sick of the obligations. Today though, I don’t feel that way anymore. I miss the noise.

As you grow with time, you learn life’s saddest lesson – the noise is not infinite. As time goes on, the noise dissipates. People move away and lose touch, and hardest of all, people pass away. Those annoying phone calls grow less and less, until one day you find yourself in a lonely silence.

Though the noise in my life is less today, I have gone out in search of new music for this new part of my life. As with the noise, silence can be deafening too – even more so. Daily silence isn’t the key to a happy life, I know that now. I started getting out more often and meeting new people, and wouldn't you know, my life wasn’t as silent anymore. I began reaching out to those in my life that had moved away, and surprisingly, they began to call more often.

This new life sound is a different one than the sound I remember – but it is music to my ears. It can never replace the noise that I remember in my youth; nostalgia is a powerful thing. But it is never too late to make new friendships and reconnect with those in our past we can still reach.

So, my lesson for you is this: Embrace the noise! It is one of life’s gifts that many don’t appreciate. Though life can seem loud at times, just remember, it is a joyous melody that cannot last exactly the same forever. So enjoy the noise life blesses you with each day - there will never be a noise just like it.

The Silence.

Genre: Sentimental Drama

Many value silence, but some miss the noise.