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I couldn’t believe it! For years and years I had waited for all of my family and friends to get together – this was definitely going to be a joyous reunion!

My grandchildren – oh my grandchildren, how I have missed them! Donna was about fourteen the last time I saw her, and Carson was almost seventeen! When they get passed their teens, they come around less often. I guess spending time with grandma isn’t “hip”, but I do miss them and think about them every day.

Anytime now people should start arriving! I wonder if everyone will make it! I saw my son and daughter-in-law walk by with big platters of sandwiches, and my sister with her famous crockpot chili!

I am so happy that I will get to see all their faces again – I love my family; always have, and always will. I know they love me too, but I wish we had spent more time together through the years. Life had a way of keeping them all busy with their jobs, their own families, and their own gatherings. Sometimes time can sprint away from us faster than we can chase it.

But that is what is so wonderful about this great big gathering! Not only do I get to see all my loved ones again – they get to see each other. You see – I think over time they forget how much they miss each other, and though it is a big job, it is important to get everyone together again to show them what they have been missing. So that is what I am doing today. Being the eldest, I knew this job had fallen into my hands, for it was my mother’s job before it was mine, and my grandmother’s job before that.

You would think that we all would have learned this big lesson years ago, because it is the same lesson that repeats itself over and over again – to spend time with family and loved ones while they are still living.

Though I am unable to attend this family gathering in person, I am attending it in spirit. It makes me smile to see all of them together in one room – and just to see me! I love my family more than anything, and hopefully this, my funeral, will bring them back together again.

In life, the irreplaceable are usually the overlooked. Though life can be busy – never forget to set aside time to spend with your loved ones – those moments will be cozy memories to keep you company when they are no longer able to.

Well, the show’s about to start, so it is time for me to bid farewell! I don’t want to miss a moment of this reunion, for they happen so infrequently – but maybe today will change that!

The Great Gathering

Genre: Sentimental Drama

A story about the importance of family time.