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I looked over at my beloved wife. Time had been kind to us both, but sadly, it was running out. Even though Edith and I were in our nineties, we felt as young as we ever had inside. When I look at her, I see a beautiful woman. The same woman I fell in love with years and years ago. It is funny—though our bodies age, our minds stay young. When you get to be as old as I am, your perspective on attractiveness changes. You no longer judge others’ looks. You grow to learn that it is the heart that is important, nothing more.

Edith and I have lived a very full and wondrous life together. Like any couple, we had our differences in opinions, but we talked and worked through them. On occasion, young couples would ask us, “What is your secret? What has kept your relationship going all of these years?”

I would answer, “Isn’t it obvious? Love. Unconditional love.”

You see, so many people in the world today don’t know what unconditional love is. For most people, love always has conditions. You will only give love if your partner stays thin. You will only give love as long as your finances are comfortable. People place so many silent conditions on their love for the other person that inevitably, their relationships come to an end before “till death do us part.”

As I look into the fading eyes of my wife, I feel a great love for her. The same unconditional love we have shared all these years. You would think, knowing I only had minutes left with her that there would be so much left to say. But that is the thing—I already said it. She knows how beautiful she is. She knows how smart she is. She knows how kind and caring she is. She knows how much I appreciate her, and she knows I love her deeply. And because she knows this, I know she knows that I will never forget her. At death, we may part hands, but we will never part hearts.

She Knows

Genre: Sentimental Romantic Drama

As his wife's life nears the end, Earl shares his secret to long-lasting relationships.