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Help & Info

How Do I Signup For CH Quill?

- Go to the "CH Quill" menu tab

- Select a plan

- Enter required information

- A confirmation email will be sent

- Select "Members Only" under the CH Quill menu tab & start browsing!

How Do I Login to CH Quill?

- Go to the "Members Only" section under the CH Quill menu tab

- Where it says "Already a member?" select Login

- Enter your email & password and select Login

- Go back to the CH Quill tab and select "Members Only" to browse reading content!

Will my membership subscription automatically renew?

- No. We know how tricky auto-renewals can be, so we designed our memberships renewal process to be manual so there are no reoccurring renewal fees without the consent of our readers.  We want our readers to renew because they want to renew!

What payment options are accepted?

- Currently we accept PayPal, but hope to accept other forms of payment in the future.

How can I view/update my account?

- Click the drop down arrow next to the profile icon at the top of the page and select "My Account." From here you can update your information & even personalize your account with a profile photo!

I Forgot My Password

- Click the "Log In" text next to the profile icon at the top of the page.

- Select "Forgot Password"
- An email will be sent allowing you to change your password

I Signed up, why can't I view CH Quill?

- If you sign up and become a member of the site, you have completed one of the two steps to start reading on CH Quill.  The next thing you need to do is to go here to select a plan.

Have further questions?  We'd love to help!

Contact us hereUse CH Quill Support in the subject line.

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