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He held my hand tightly as we walked. The colorful fair lights sparkled all around us.  I looked at him and couldn’t believe it - he was everything I had always dreamed of. 


His cozy green eyes looked into mine, and I smiled.


The fair lights began to fade around us as yet another perfect day came to a close.


“Shall we head back home?” asked Thomas in a warm voice.


“Sure,” I said with a smile.


We got into the car and started driving home.  I stared out of the passenger window at the street lamps as they raced by.  The houses in town displayed cozy illuminated vignettes of people watching movies, playing games, and resting.  I enjoyed looking at these shadow-box glimpses of other people’s lives.


I felt his warm hand grasp mine tightly, interlocking our fingers as if we would have each other forever.  Love and happiness bloomed inside of me.  I looked over at him.  A light grew behind him, and with a loud crash, our world was sent into a violent spin.  Thomas’s hand was ripped from my grasp. A destructively deadly dance of glass and metal filled the air, ruthlessly tearing through the atmosphere around us in the most unforgiving manner imaginable.  My screams were no match for the deafening sound of twisting metal and shattering glass.


The crashing sounds slowly subsided. I was weak and could barely hold onto the reality before me- and when I looked over at Thomas, I didn’t want to.   What I saw beside me shook every fragment of my being, and suddenly, I lost my grip on this reality and fell into a deep sleep.


Genre: Supernatural Romantic Drama

InBetween is a love story like no other.  One fateful night, a couples life is changed forever, giving the question: Is death really the end?