Decorating with Heirlooms



Some decor adds more than just a look to your interiors.  The best looking rooms are not always created with brand new decorations. Heirlooms are a wonderful reminder of family and hold memories that should be displayed! Heirlooms don't always match our personal styles, so what can be done to make them fit your home?

























































If you have inherited a peice of furniture or decoration, consider where it might fit in your home, then use the decorations and paint colors around it to help it fit into your room.  If your new decoration is a color not currently in your room, add a coordinating color or add more of that color to your room through throw pillows, decor, curtains, or paint. Choose nuetral paint colors so as not to distract from your colorful decorations.



Enjoy your inherited decorations and the wonderful memories of the people they remind you of.


To modernize this elegant, dark wood head board we choose a white and silver bed set with a fun pattern. We kept the bedding neutral to keep it from clashing with the light blue upholstered chairs (left).  The wall the bed is on was painted a dark taupe to make the bedding pop and to direct attention by contrast to our crystal light fixture.

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