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Dear Diary,

Today I sat alone at lunch, was the last pick for volleyball teams, and had my favorite book stolen…only to be returned with less than creative immature sketches every few pages. 

So, it was actually a pretty tame day :) 


Fitting in can be difficult, especially if you are not like the other kids.  I was never one to jump onto the "bandwagon" with trends – I had a mind of my own, and I was proud of it.  Sometimes I swear - if a popular girl showed up to school wearing a lamp shade as a hat, the following day everyone else would wear one too. I feel sorry for the other girls that don’t think they can have a mind of their own because they are too caught up with the idea of acceptance and popularity. 

Having a mind of my own did not make me popular.  It actually cast me into the “nerd” category.  Sarah Bencahr, the most popular girl in school – was the absolute worst.  She, and her squad of look-a-likes, followed her around the school doing whatever they could to remain on Sarah’s good side.  Sarah’s squad cycled through members like retail stores go through employees.  Each new recruit was bright eyed, but silently terrified inside. I never understood why someone would want to be around Sarah.  She was judgmental, cruel, and dishonest.  Last Valentine’s Day, Sarah and her minions went around the school placing chocolates on the seats of all the “single” girl’s chairs.  Sarah found it a little less humorous when I moved the chocolate (meant for me) onto her chair.  I know it was mean.  To be honest, though I was silently smiling inside, I did feel a little bad about it…especially because she was wearing white capris that day.

Abbey (another unfortunate member of the nerd club) saw me place the chocolate on Sarah’s seat – BEST friends ever since.

Most people would think being a nerd would be a lonely way of life – but it is not.  I am friends with other “nerds”. The nice thing about nerd friends is they are actually your friends.  Popular kids may have more friends than I do, but most of their friends are with them for fake reasons; their popularity is a currency everyone else wants a part of. 

It is not the number of friends that counts – but the quality of friends.


Today is pizza day at school! Pizza and I have a love for each other.  I wouldn’t consider myself an unhealthy eater, I just don’t starve myself like some of the other girls in school. Sarah and her squad look at a slice of pizza like it is something out of the darkest horror movie. I understand the want to eat well, but I know having a piece of pizza every once in a while never killed anybody.  Hold up your milk cartons to another lunch alone!  Some days I get to spend lunch hour with my friend Abbey, but most days she goes home for lunch.

I helped myself to two pieces of pizza. Sarah and her followers walked by with raised eyebrows.  I heard one of the girls, Cherise, whisper “fatty” under her breath.  I could have called her a skeleton back, or even made a joke about my surprise that her butt hasn’t popped her exercise ball in fitness class yet - but what good would that have done.  If anything it would have given the false illusion that I cared what they thought.  Instead, I smiled and waved at them.  I could tell by the expressions on their faces that this was not the response they were hoping for.

The time had come to lift my tray over the trash bin, and tilt it - letting the pizza crusts elegantly dive into the bin.  I pondered for a moment; trying to remember if I had a fork. Then began the mile long journey through the halls to my locker.

School was bittersweet to me.  Family would ask me “So, how are you liking your classes.”  There really was only one response they were looking for, so I met them with the same over-excitement they showed me.  I didn’t hate school, but I didn’t love it either.  Classes were ok. The teachers (mostly) were nice.  But some of the girls could be ruthless.

I reached my locker, opened the door, and let out a scream.

Dear Diary,

it's me, Mindy

Genre: YA Fiction/Comedy

Meet Mindy, one of the most unpopular girls in school. Life can be tough being considered a "nerd" - but only if you let it. Fall into the hilarious, thought provoking world of Mindy as she navigates the treacherous waters of highschool.