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A curated collection of Christopher's favorite Amazon product finds!

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Add a refreshing touch of fragrance to your laundry! 

"I apply 8 - 10 drops of fragrance to each dryer ball. The fragrance builds so you don't need to apply as much oil each use! I love this pine scent - it adds the perfect cozy rustic fragrance to bath towels, linens, and more!"


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Frasier Fir All Purpose Cleaner

A refreshingly fragrant way to clean!

" This cleaner smells wonderful! Though it says all purpose, it can leave a streaky finish on glass or chrome surfaces so I use this on our countertops & just don't use it on surfaces that you would traditionally clean with glass cleaner. Scented cleaners can make the chore of cleaning more fun - I enjoyed the scent so much I ordered 2 more!"

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A luxurious, fragrant hand wash!

" The first time I tried this hand wash at a relative's house, I knew I had to get it!  The soap is wonderfully fragrant and has a nice rich consistency.  Though it is pine, I love this scent year round & enjoy the look of the containers as well!"

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Fireside WoodWick Candle

A rustic smokey, woodsy scent!

"This has been one of my favorite scented candles for years! The rustic woodsy scent is cozy yet sophisticated & the crackling wooden wick creates a calming ambience.  The scent throw is phenomenal on this and most WoodWick candles, making them perfect especially for larger rooms that are harder to fully scent. They also last a very long time, which is great for something I enjoy this much!

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10 LED Timer Tealights

Realistic & worry free ambiance!

"These flameless tealights are absolutely fantastic! I'm glad to have finally found this size - & with the timer function no less!  These are perfect in lanterns, small votives, and adding light to decorations where real candles wouldn't be able to be used!  They run on CR2450 batteries (which can also be purchased on Amazon  inexpensively in large packs) & have a slight flicker to them. They emit a slightly golden light and look almost real with their dark wicks & flame shapes!"

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" If you love flavored coffees you will love these! This set comes with 40 different k-cups, making it hard to choose which kind to try first!  I would label most of these as light to medium roast, so just a touch of flavored creamer, and they are good to go! These are also great for when you have houseguests as ours always enjoy digging through and trying the different kinds! They also make a great gift for any coffee lover (like my grandma!)"

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Kettle Corn Popcorn Seasoning

A salty sweet addition to freshly popped popcorn!

"Our first container of this is almost gone already!  Of all the different popcorn seasonings we've tried, this one is our favorite!  Add more or less depending on your personal preference. This seasoning has definitely made our movie night popcorn so much better! It also would make a great gift for friends or family paired with a movie!"

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A rustic vintage inspired two sided Easter flag (flag holder not included).

"I'm always on the hunt for seasonal garden flags & this one caught my eye with its vintage imagery! I can't wait to place it on the flag holder on our garage this spring!"

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"Bunny Feed" Pillow Cover

An adorable, rustic spring accessory! (18" square, pillow insert not included)

"After a quick ironing, I zipped this cute Easter pillow cover right over the pillow I have on my entry chair!  It looks great and fits in well with my other vintage decorations!  The neutral colors make it perfect for any space & the vintage style design is timeless!"

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"Rabbit" Lumbar Pillow

Rustic & neutral, this pillow is the perfect spring accessory for benches, sofas, beds, & chairs! 

"I originally purchased this adorable pillow for our sofa but loved the contrast and texture it added to my antique rocking chair!"

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