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A World Of Heroes

Amid the caronavirus's effect on the world, small acts of kindness can make all the difference.

Never in our lifetime has there ever been a need for help so great.  It is easy to feel like the world around us is falling apart, but how we choose to react to this situation that we've been given will make all the difference.

Today, many of us find ourselves in need of things we never thought we would have to go without.  If you have the time, imagine with me what it would be like if:

- You needed diapers and formula for your child but couldn’t find any
- You lost your job/income with life necessities to pay for
- You couldn’t find an ordinary personal hygiene product for you and your family as simple as toilet paper

- Your business closed abruptly knowing you still need to pay your monthly lease
- You were more at risk, needed to go out, but had no hand sanitizer

- Visiting friends and family or any other personal social contact could result in serious illness or even the loss of a loved one
-  You found yourself in this scary situation and you lived all by yourself

The world around us has come to a stop, but our kindness, caring, & giving doesn’t have to.  We are in an extraordinary age where we can still reach each other through phone calls, video calls, and socialize on various websites and apps. Use these means to stay connected with each other and reach out to those that may be having a hard time.

The world today needs more heroes, and in these trying days, being a hero can be as simple as giving someone some excess food, diapers, or toiletries.  It is as easy as lending a listening ear, or saying kind, encouraging words. Everyone has the ability to do kind acts that mean everything to someone. If you’re looking for meaning in your life – do something to change someone else’s life for the better. Many struggle to cope with the financial and emotional burdens of this time, but some are more fortunate and find themselves simply as watchers.  If you have more than you need or are able to cope with the situation better than those around you – reach out.  Don’t settle for being “that lady/guy next door” – be a hero to those you can, and instead, be someone they will never forget. We all need each other more than ever before, so in the coming days, be a hero.  A simple kind act could mean the world to someone that needs it.


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