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The Story of

Arthur Quib

Genre: Supernatural/Fantasy

An emotional prequel to the story "Beatrix Percival" giving us a look at Arthur's childhood.


“It’s a boy!” said the doctor as he placed the bundled baby into Oriana’s arms.  She gazed down at the tiny face in wonder.  Her eyes welled up with tears.  “Have you decided on a name yet?” he asked.

She paused for a moment. “I am going to name him Arthur; after his father.”

“Arthur is a wonderful name,” said the doctor.  He stared at the contentment in Oriana’s eyes.  “Well, I will leave you two alone and be back tomorrow to check in.”

“Thank you so much,” said Oriana.

The doctor walked out of the room and closed the door.  The room was mostly silent now except for the tiny noises Arthur made.  Oriana looked over at the nightstand and placed her hand softly on a photograph of a man displayed in a silver frame.  Her hand trembled slightly as she looked at the photograph, and then at Arthur. She had always dreamt of being a mother, but never thought she would ever have to raise a child on her own.

Arthur had dark brown hair and vibrant red eyes.  Oriana touched his tiny fingers as she cradled him in her arms.  She was lost in a world of happiness.  She heard footsteps outside the door growing nearer. The footsteps stopped and the door handle slowly turned. The door opened and a man in dark robes walked in.

"Hello, can I help you?" said Oriana as she looked at the stranger with curiosity.

"I-I'm so sorry," said the man.  Oriana looked at him with confusion. He began to walk up to her and went to grab Arthur out of her arms but she resisted.

"No!" she screamed. "Stay back!"

"I'm sorry, but it is his rules, not mine."

The man grabbed Arthur and began pulling him from his mother's arms.  Oriana burst into tears and started getting out of bed.  The man muttered something under his breath sending streams of sparks that held her in place.

"Wait!" she cried.  "How...W-When can I see him?"

The man looked at her and shook his head.  He disappeared through the doorway and slammed the door shut.  The spell faded and she collapsed onto the bed in tears.